David Desimpelaere

Double bassist

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Double bassist David Desimpelaere is internationally acclaimed for his virtuosic and melancholic way of playing double bass


'Gentlemen - I am lost for words. This is just breathtaking. I am so honoured‚Ķ Absolutely astounding work! Thank you both so, so much for sharing this' - Jacob Collier commenting Erik and David's recording and arrangement of his composition 'Once You'                                             

Once You (Cover) | Jacob Collier (youtube.com)


'das Spiel von David Desimpelaere ist als stupend zu bezeichnen. Sein Kontrabass klingt so intonationssicher, als sei dies zu bewerkstelligen das Leichteste der Welt, und mit dieser sicheren Technik kann der junge Musiker auf seinem schweren Instrument ganz wunderbar singen' - Remy Franck in 'Pizzicato Magazine' 


'A charming selection of suites and dances written by composers from across the globe during world War II. The Desimpelaere brothers have an innate musical bond, with virtuosic playing throughout.' - 'BBC music magazine' quoting of the new CD 'Smile'


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